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Seeking the right Superannuation Solution


The ever increasing range of superannuation products and services can be a baffling mine-field to traverse. Many of us have multiple superannuation funds floating around from employment long ago and very little clue as to what those long forgotten funds might be doing.


A key element of having your superannuation become a peak performer is to know and understand where it is and what it’s doing for you. Because we lead busy lives and not everyone is able to attach a GPS tracker to their intangible funds, you may need to call in the cavalry to keep your super in shape!


Brining it all together!


It might surprise you to find that apart from individual superannuation providers, there are specialised companies dedicated to working on your behalf to bring your superannuation under control and keep you in the loop as to what it’s doing and why.


These companies are experts in analysing your individual needs (because if we all had the same requirements, there would only be one superannuation company in Australia) and are able to act as a superannuation advisor for you whilst providing specialised superannuation investment solutions.


You’ve made your choice… however was your choice made for you?


The key ingredient in any solution to your superannuation and its performance is personalization. While it is categorically easier to choose a default fund and investment performance structure, a strong recommendation is to consider your long and short term super goals in line with the current fund you have and how you plan to live your life come your retirement years.


Make no mistake that retirement is a twenty to twenty-five-year holiday and it’s better to over-achieve than to miss the mark. Simply because your superfund is performing now is no guarantee that it will continue to perform in the future.


If you’re seeking answers to your burning superannuation questions, the Zenon Solutions Group are friendly experts based on the Gold Coast who will ensure your super is working for you and not the other way around!