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Behind the operations of Zenon group is a wealth of experience.

Behind the operations of Zenon group is a wealth of experience.

Zenon Group has developed into a fully integrated structure that offers clients an extensive range of finance and cash management solutions unique in Australia. The core operation of the company is our proven debt reduction programme and targeted tax effective income streams.

At Zenon Group we offer a holistic approach to your debt reduction, tax efficiencies, wealth creation and retirement planning needs. Zenon Group is everything you could possibly need in your financial management services.

The firm has also built a network of strong alliances, as well as access to a number of key people in Australian business: areas such as company law, taxation and project management and property advisory.

All this ensures Zenon Group clients are continually informed on current and revised research and data. What this means to you as a Zenon Group client, is access to a network of expertise and knowledge normally not available to individuals.


Debt Free Home

Most people believe their home is their greatest asset, this is a very expensive myth. Understanding the true cost of home ownership and eliminating this is vital. Zenon group will show you how.

Build Wealth

Financial freedom is all about working smarter and Zenon Group can provide you with the intelligence you need to build wealth for the future.

Financial Control

Zenon Group sees your finances as a business and will create a finance facility that will help you reduce your debts and maximize your income giving you more financial control.

Tax Efficiencies

The number one expense for most people is taxes. Current taxation laws in Australia are structured so that all Australian taxpayers can legitimately take advantage of certain opportunities to arrange their financial affairs.

“My partner and myself found buying an investment, easy with the help of the Zenon group and with all the expert advise and encouragement, we are learning to save our money and we will be debt free in 7 to 9 years, this would not have been possible with out the help and support from the wonderful people at the Zenon group. Every meeting was done in our own home and every effort was made to help us understand the legal and financial side. Thanks so much Rafa and Michael at Zenon group.”

-Steve  and Amanda


We understand that everyone’s goals and circumstances are different and that the level of financial knowledge varies from person to person.

My Financial Health Check

Financial Consultation

Financial Restructure

Take Action

Ongoing Management keeping you on track

We also realise that if people are to make effective life changing decisions they need access to expertise, knowledge and opportunity and for some people the hardest part is knowing how to start, where to get the information, and how to put it in action. That’s why Zenon Group has devised the 5 steps to success.

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